How Can I Take Pictures With a Digital Microscope?

When working with a microscope, taking a picture and working with a sample can prove difficult at times!

This article goes over easy and complex ways to take images with your Dino-Lite USB digital microscope.

You can take images by…

1. Using a Computer Mouse

The first one is the most obvious one. Most digital microscope software usually has a built-in method to take a picture.

In DinoCapture 2.0, there is a picture of a camera, which allows you to take a picture. There are also options below it to take a video or a time-lapse video.

If you are using a Dino-Lite with a Chromebook, you open up the Camera app and take a picture from there.

2. Microtouch

Some digital microscopes come with a button on the microscope itself to take a picture. Most Dino-Lite have a MicroTouch sensor. Unlike a button, you only need to lightly graze over the sensor.

By default, Microtouch takes a picture, but it can also be set to start and stop video footage.

3. Foot pedal

Free your hands and take images with a foot pedal instead.

Instead of using a mouse to click the image, the foot pedal  (like the MS17TSW-F1) is programmed to take the image instead with a light tap.

4. Custom shortcut keys

In DinoCapture 2.0, you can program specific keys on a keyboard to perform an action.

By default, the “F6” key will take one picture.
Pressing “F11” will take many images in a row (known as burst mode).

5. KM-01

The MSKM-01 is an optional attachment that allows control of the Dino-Lite microscopes focus knob without touching the device.

When using with DinoCapture 2.0, the knob motor can be controlled by the right and left mouse buttons similar to the MSKM-01’s control box. MicroTouch on the control box works as a snapshot trigger to take pictures directly into the software.

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