How to clean a Dino-Lite

If there is an unknown artifact appearing on the screen when using the Dino-Lite, check if adjusting the magnification from low to high changes the size of the object. If the artifact size does not change during magnification adjustment, please contact us as this could be a sensor issue.

The Dino-Lite lens is a complex multi-layered design and very sensitive. Please be careful when attempting to clean and avoid using alcohol, or other harsh cleaners. Do not apply any cleaning solution directly to the lens. Avoid frequent or unnecessary cleaning.

To clean the Dino-Lite lens we suggest first carefully trying Compressed Gas Duster / Compressed Air to see if it might be loose dust that can be removed easily. You can find a this type of product in most computer or office supply stores or on using the following link: (External link,

  1. Only apply a quick short burst, avoid overusing the Compressed Gas as this may cause more harm than good
  2. Use the Compressed Gas with at least a few inches of clearance from the lens
  3. Make sure the canister is held upright and not shaken prior to or during use

Another option is to use equipment designed specifically for camera lens cleaning. One example of such a kit can be found on using the following link: (External link,

  1. Gently use a hand operated air pump to blow away any debris on the lens
  2. Remove any remaining dust or dirt with a soft-bristled lens brush
  3. If necessary, apply a few drops of lens cleaning solution to a folded lens tissue or cleaning cloth and gently wipe the lens with the tip of the folded cloth from the center outward

Do not attempt any cleaning method not listed above. If the issue remains or you are unable to sufficiently clean the lens using these steps please contáctenos for additional support.

To clean the body please use a solution that does not damage ABS plastic. For example, you can use a 70% ethanol solution, STERIS Coverage Spray TB which contains 0.105% of dimethyl benzyl ammonium chlorides and 0.105% of ethylbenzyl ammonium chlorides, and PREempt wipes which contains 0.5% Hydrogen Peroxide.

To clean the cavity where the lens travels it is recommended to use a dry foam-tip swab, but only when necessary. This can be a dangerous procedure as we have heard of a customer pushing the lens out of place. Also, there’s a chance to leave additional debris or accidentally move debris onto the lens. You can see an example of one of these swabs here: (External link,

To clean the clear caps for Edge series models use a 70% ethanol and 0.5% Hydrogen Peroxide solution. However, it is recommended that the listed solution is only applied to the removable front caps and not the front cap adapter since the glue and lubricant for the front cap adapter could potentially be dissolved.

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