Using a USB Dino-Lite without a PC (USB to HDMI with Raspberry Pi)

Compatible USB Dino-Lite models can connect to a TV or Monitor with HDMI by using a Raspberry Pi and a third party custom-made bootable image. This is a cost-effective option for users who want to use a USB model without a PC or Mac computer.

Note: This third-party option is compatible with Raspberry Pi 3. Support is not available for Raspberry Pi 3 B+

ModelLive ViewCrosshairPause ImageLED ControlFLCAE ToggleExposure Adjustment640 x 4801280 x 960
AM2111Always OnXXXX
0.3 MPAlways OffXXXX
1.3 MP*Always OnXXX
5MP USB 2.0
USB 2.0 models must be UVC version (4 digit model number) and R4 versions to be compatible. Non-R4 models LEDs are Always Off.

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